Saving water in South Africa is a priority

South Africa is a relatively dry country as the average annual rainfall is about 464mm, compared with a world average of about 860mm. Rainfall is also concentrated in certain areas and is not consistent throughout the year. Obviously water has to be stored in dams often remote from the consumer, which necessitates pipelines and pumping costs.

With the global and SA population growth water saving has become increasingly important. Prepaid water meters have therefore been developed for worldwide applications and we are proud to be associated with this innovative product, which will assist with water consumption reduction and the regulation of water usage.

Cash flow improvements for property owners

The application is ideal for Large buildings, Shopping centres, Housing Estates, Bodies Corporate, and Rental properties, Low cost housing schemes and any tenant property applications. Major benefits are not only achieved by saving water, but the improved cash flow for Landlords and Municipal and Government housing departments. Can you imagine if the large landlords and Mega City housing schemes could remove all of the water arrears from their outstanding debts. This would result in billions of Rands of improved cash flow.

Vast changes and benefits have resulted from the prepaid electrical system being used throughout South Africa and the same success is expected with prepaid water meters. There is no reason why this should not be the case.


A lease contract is required for the installation of the prepaid water meter as the unit is not sold to property owners. After attending to the paperwork, Lenroc Industries will arrange the installation of the prepaid water meter by an authorised plumber or contractor who has been trained in their installation and commissioning procedures. Once the unit is in, the serial number will be recorded, exact locality noted. After this, the prepaid water meter is commisioned. The prepaid water meter will be loaded with 6kl of free water to ensure convenience for the consumer. An instruction booklet will be supplied with details of the nearest vending points for the purchase of water units.


As stated above, the prepaid water meter is leased to the property owner. A nominal installation charge per unit is required up front and thereafter a monthly charge is levied and collected from water receipts. The monthly fee includes vending charges, full maintenance and guarantee, and lease charge.

Management Reports

The vending company will give the owner monthly management reports on tenant usage. This can beused for budgeting and also security as without these, there would be no protection against pilferage, malfunction, theft, or fraud.